It seems that when many people hire a staff member that spend a tremendous amount of time on resumes, skills and knowledge. And yet people usually don’t fail because of lack of skills. It is usually bad behavior, bad actions, or bad attitude.

Several years ago, I heard Zig Ziglar speak. He said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” What do YOU think about when you hear the word attitude? When I ask this question at workshops people usually respond with examples what they consider a bad attitude. It may even have a negative connotation to you. The fact is that people do not put enough emphasis on how attitude affects performance. Attitudes DO affect performance. In fact, they affect everything that we do.

There is a strong link between attitude and performance. Let’s start with defining what attitude means in this context. An attitude is a pattern of thought. It affects how we approach everything we do. You can change your attitude, your outlook, and how you think but it will take real commitment, discipline and desire to change your old habits. Would you agree? In other words, you can do it, but you’re really going to have to work hard at it.

The way we think impacts our habits and behavior and this has impact on the outcomes we receive. If we want to get different and lasting outcomes, it’s not enough to change our behavior. We must start with changing our attitudes. This will, in turn, change our behavior, which will result in a change in our outcomes and results.

We have developed attitudes from our past experiences. All of us can think of an unpleasant experience that we have had in the past. We may have tried to start a business or work in sales. Then something negative happened. Did you ever have an experience of getting supposedly well-meaning advice from friends who wanted to protect you from failure? Or have you suffered sales rejection and who hasn’t?   You probably wanted to avoid another unpleasant experience again so you focused on what didn’t work rather than the rewards of success. Let’s explore this.

Would you agree that you need to have passion to be successful? I do. What is your passion? What drives you? If you have a sales job and your heart is not in it you might want to consider stopping that and searching for what you really desire. On the other hand, if you really love, let’s say, real estate sales you should be focusing on the rewards. You will have obstacles but you can plan for them and anticipate them. Changing your thought patterns and your outlook means changing your attitudes. Focus on the reward of more sales rather than the rejection.

Become Successful

Then make sure that your new behavior is consistent with your new attitude. Stay focused on what you want and what can go right, in short what you can become.

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