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Unless you want to do everything yourself you can’t possibly survive and grow without a team. What are you doing to develop your team, connect them to their job and the goals of the company?

In past times, managers gave detailed directions and expected them to be followed. Leadership today requires collaboration. Instead of saying what you want done you will say, “here is what we can accomplish together to achieve our goals.”

The mindset of collaboration is what is needed today. Occasionally, however, I am sometimes contacted by business owners that can’t understand why there are so many poor employees and they want me to fix them.

I have seen a small business were the leadership disagreed amongst themselves on the operation of the business. This situation created chaos. Team members chose the leader that they agreed with. One supervisor was very hard on her staff and had no tolerance with people of different capabilities. Ownership allowed this continue because they feared confronting her reasoning that it would be difficult to replace her because they felt that it was difficult to recruit and hire in their geographic area. Fact is, it was difficult to recruit because of the tolerance of an abusive environment. This culture created by the entire leadership team was suppressing applicants and potential customers alike. This example shows how employee disengagement will torpedo the success of the business.

Looking in the mirror and asking what we need to change is never easy. These leaders were defensive and made excuses. Pride, however, will not result in a profitable outcome. Embracing change will begin the process of improvement. Here are the starting recommendations to correct this situation:

Business leaders must agree on a clear vision, values and objectives for their organization. To have managers that lead, leadership must first inspire. Be clear and be positive. Leaders must convey their goals to everyone starting with managers and supervisors. They need to help their managers develop interpersonal skills so that they may apply the business objectives in the conduct of their job.

They should hold the managers accountable for objectives that they have the authority to implement. They should give managers a clear description of duties, authority, and responsibility and not countermand a manager’s directives to staff. Rather disagreements should be discussed with managers privately.

Have detailed job descriptions with regular and ongoing performance feedback. Hold the staff accountable and take proper action to correct errors.

Develop easy to follow systems and procedures that will facilitate smooth operations.

Develop a customer loyalty program. Create a process to exceed customer expectations.


When leadership is focused and they inspire the team they will create an enthusiastic staff. The result is that focused owners will empower engaged and focused leaders empowering an engaged staff serving loyal customers. People don’t leave jobs, they leave supervisors. Make sure this does not happen.

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Monday, 15 April 2024

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