Do you know why you are in the business or career you are in? Does it really matter? Many of us recognize the Nike tag line “Just do it!” While I certainly believe that is great advice it is not true universally. I was recently working with a coaching client on his business development. He was struggling with his growth and was having trouble getting his team on board. He was having a hard time accomplishing the objectives that we had worked on together in his plan. These were the goals that he had established in previous sessions. After failing to complete some of the tasks we had outlined from our previous meetings over several weeks, I asked him these questions, “Why did you set these goals and if was important why have you not begun to execute on what you set out to do?”

He responded that that was a very good question. He then went off onto a tangent.

In our next session we discussed getting others to get on his bus. By now it was becoming clear to him that that they we not on the bus because they did not know where the bus was going. This is a major problem. If you don’t have passion for your business then you shouldn’t expect others to have passion. We needed remove this obstacle before moving forward. We started with his dream inventory. I asked, “Why are you in this business and what do you want to get out of it?” With time and discussion he had the answer.

He had started the business when he left the corporate world and thought that he would enjoy having a retail business. But, in reality, the economy had created this opportunity and he felt perhaps he did not have real passion. He felt that his staff could probably read it on his face. I certainly could. Therefore, his answer was that he did not have the passion and his stress was stronger than his motivation to do what was needed to be done to make it a success.

Here is the take away. If you do not really want something, then you probably will not do what is needed to obtain it. You need to have passion for it. Try not to kid yourself but be brutally honest. In the case above, the client moved on. Evaluating his passion brought him clarity and saved him thousands of dollars and who knows how much time pursuing something he did not really want.

If you are stumbling at something or failing to take the steps necessary, ask yourself “Why did I want to do this and what do I like about it?” There are two possible outcomes. If you cannot answer these questions it may be best to move on. On the other hand, you may remember what motivated you in the first plan and rekindle your passion.


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