Successful business leaders see their companies through the eyes of their employees and their customers. To successfully see as others do you must be able to listen and understand. More important than that you need to continually listen and measure and measure your results. This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Many times, when you see something every day you stop noticing. This might give a false sense of security. Everything is working and if it’s not broken don’t fix it. But things might have changed in the last five years or even two years. Has the customer value proposition or the employee value proposition with your company changed? How would you know?

Here are two questions you should be asking yourself. Has a new team member joined and pointed out things you didn’t see? Have you had any suggestions or complaints by customers?

Sometimes a person with a fresh set of eyes is needed to point out something that will help your business. A fresh set of eyes can show you things you didn’t see.

Peter Drucker has said, “The function of business is to attract and maintain customers.” Of course, you want your business to be doing that every day? But how do you measure the voice of your customers? If you are measuring customer loyalty by complaints or the lack of complaints you are being reactive. You need to know what all your customers feel about your products and services and you need a measurement process. All businesses of any size should be doing this. I know a local auto service shop that automatically sends out a survey to every customer as soon as service is completed. This company knows how to attract and maintain loyal customers because it follows customer treads.

Equally as important, how are you measuring the voice of your employees? Are your employees aligned? Here is a quick checkup. Ask everyone on your team, “What are the top three goals of our organization”? If you receive the same 3 answers from ALL of your staff, Congratulations! However, if you receive more than 3 answers, this may indicate the following symptoms:

          Poor Communication

          Loss of Customers

          Staff Turnover or unengaged employees

          Increased operating costs

          Turf wars or lack of cooperation

          Lack of Teamwork

It is important to know what your customers are thinking because A positive customer value proposition and a positive employee proposition are each leading indicators of future business success. Fully engaged employees are necessary to have loyal customers. In addition to loyal customers and engaged employees there are other factors of success represented by the star model below. This is a proven model that was popularized by the Macolm Baldridge Performance Excellence Award.   Is it time to look at your business with fresh eyes?


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