Today we use GPS devices everywhere. We have them in our car and on our phone. We use them to order a car on Uber or we use them to find a restaurant nearby. We have become more productive and less stressed because we have used this very simple tool to help us navigate.

What is so remarkable about this instrument? First of all, it lets you know where you are now. Then you can decide where you want to go. The GPS then gives you step by step directions.

How similar is this to your personal GPS; the one for your career, your business, and your personal life? Are you using a GPS for these critical areas of your life? Here is the place where we talk about goals. You have heard this over and over, “You need to set goals and you need to write them down.” But what else do you need to do? That is a great start but that is not enough. Here are some steps to develop your personal GPS.

First of all, take stock of where you are. Do an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, both personal and professional. In the area of your personal life take stock of areas such as:

In the area of your professional life do a check off in these areas:

After you have taken stock of your current status you need to decide where you want to go. Where you want to go is defined as your goal. Just like the GPS is a self-correcting instrument in motion so too is your goal achievement a continuing self-correcting process. In order to get to your destination, or in this case your goal, you must continually measure your progress against where you started.





You will have more success if you break down your goals into daily and weekly goals. In this way you have short term progress measurement points. Use your Smartphone as your personal organizer and check off goals as they are accomplished. As you progress with your goal achievement your horizons will expand and your self-confidence will increase. You will establish a new habit of mapping your goals, checking your progress, and celebrating success. This will become a habit you can’t live without. Enjoy the journey.

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