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When you hire consider shared values before you consider experience. You can train and develop people to make up for experience, but you can’t train core values. A person who does not share the core values of your organization should not be hired.  Most experienced managers will attest to the fact that most of the terminations occur not because of skills but because of attitude and values.

In Westchester County New York I have worked with many industries ranging from real estate, construction, retail, service and hospitality, nonprofit, and manufacturing. I have made the same observation in all these industries. Those running the business believe that their industry is different from others, so unique that the primary requirement is industry background. Because of that mindset I have seen many bad candidates hired and many qualified candidates screened out. The hiring manager is using the assumption that previous experience in the industry will be a predictor of success on the new job.

In my experience I have found that experience in the industry is NOT a predictor of success. In fact, I have seen it become a detriment when people are so ingrained with the past that they are rigid and not looking forward. And this is exactly where businesses and hiring managers are missing great opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competition.

How would you advertise for new employees? Here is an example for a management position. “The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications; energetic, forward thinking, creative, high ethical standards, excellent communicator, strategic visionary, good educator, excellent negotiator, decisive, big picture perspective.” Do you think that these qualifications would be useful in your organization?

Here are five more qualities to consider when selecting an employee:

Confidence – You need to believe in yourself and your ability. You need to have passion for what you are doing. It is also important to have the emotional intelligence and emotional stability to take criticisms and setbacks.

Creativity – If it is important to have empowered and engaged employees then you need to have employees with curiosity and creativity. This quality in employees can help your company become a leader.

Communication Skills – Communication includes written, verbal, non-verbal (body language), good listening and ability to connect by making sure that messages are understood.

Shared Values – Many employment situations fail because the employee does share the company’s values. Make clear your company’s vision, values, and mission.

Empathy (Ability to build relationships) - It is essential for sales but, really, we are all really in the business of influencing others. The ability to build relationships and work as a team is essential to that process.

Vision Values Mission

You can learn whether a candidate has these qualities though effective interviewing and with the aid of assessment tools. If you are looking for high quality employees why not start thinking out of the box and stop using background as a primary requirement. You will be pleased with the results.

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Monday, 15 April 2024

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