As a business owner wouldn’t you agree that the main purpose of a business is to attract and maintain customers? If that is true then managing and measuring the voice of your customer becomes one of your most important functions.

A customer service focused business will make certain that its customers get what they want and come back for more. That is critically important to the long-term success your Westchester County business. All factors that impact negatively on the customer, (unfriendly policies, inappropriate response time, untrained employees, etc.) must be identified and corrected if you wish to compete effectively and profitably now and in the future.

The success of your business depends upon building and anticipating the future. Your current sales and profit are NOT indicators for the future. They tell what is happening now. The true indicator of future success is measured through your customers’ emotional attachment to your brand.

As small business owner in Westchester County you can create a customer loyalty process relatively easily. To illustrate, I am happy to use Fred’s Auto Repair in Briarcliff Manor, NY as a successful example of great customer service.

First, here is some history about Fred’s Auto Repair.





Fred’s Auto Repair is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Fred’s Auto Repair has been at the same location, 581 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY, since 1974 when Fred started the business. Fred has a passion for working on cars but he also has a keen understanding of his customers’ needs. And Fred has that understanding because he measures the voice of his customers and aligns his services to their wants.

When I coach clients I will ask, “How do you measure the voice of your customer?” Many will tell me customer complaints or customer testimonials. Many use social media sites for testimonials. But, occasionally, owners complain about a negative review on one of these sites. Unfortunately, these owners do not have a customer loyalty strategy in place. If they did, those negative comments might not have even hit the Internet and social media sites because an issue would have been resolved long before that.

Fred’s Auto Repair has a customer loyalty strategy that works. That is apparent in reading Fred's Bio on his web site.  The business understands that it must exceed its customers’ expectations to gain their loyalty. According to Fred Indorf and his team, Ken Valentine, and Tom Kavana, if you do something wrong to one customer they will tell ten others.    With social media and the Internet that number is multiplied. So Fred's Auto strives to exceed the customer's expectations the first time or, if a problem occurs, quickly correct that problem.  They know that if you catch the mistake and resolve it you have maintained that customer loyalty.

Fred and his team measure the voice of every customer. Their online system is tied to a questionnaire. Once the service is complete an email link to a questionnaire goes out to the customer. The customer is asked to rate his or her experience for that visit to the shop. If any complaint is registered, management immediately contacts the customer to correct the situation. In the end this corrective action saves the loyal customer. The end result is a string of loyal customer testimonials.

I am also loyal customer of Fred’s Auto. If you live in the area I would recommend that you make Fred’s Auto your auto service shop. You can make an appointment calling 914-762-1131 or schedule the appointment online at this website link.





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