How are your employees viewing your Westchester County NY business? Do you know or is it wishful thinking? And what about your customers? Maybe you have no complaints and you figure no news is good news.  Many times, when you see something every day you stop noticing. For example, when you started your business you were focused on how you were going to get customers and what resources you would need to deliver the products and services to those customers. That might have been 2 years ago, 5 years ago or even 10 or more years ago. Earlier this year you might have said, “I’m ok now because I have my routine set and it works without me thinking about it.” Now in this turmoil you may not be so sure. Are you ready to learn more weather it is good or bad? Can you handle the truth?

Here are two questions to ask yourself. Has a new team member joined and pointed out things I didn’t see? Have I had any complaints or suggestions from customers that I have blown off? Sometimes a person with a fresh set of eyes is needed to point out something that will help your business.

A fresh set of eyes can show you things you didn’t see.

Peter Drucker said, “The function of business is to attract and maintain customers.” Is your business doing that every day? How do you measure the voice of your customers? If you are measuring customer loyalty by complaints or lack of complaints you have a reactive process. You need to know what all your customers are saying and you need a measurement process. Any size business can do this. I know a local auto service company that automatically sends out a survey to every customer as soon as service is completed. This company knows how to attract and maintain loyal customers.

Equally as important, how are you measuring the voice of your employees? Are your employees aligned? Here is a quick checkup. Ask everyone on your team, “What are the top three goals of our organization”? If you receive exactly the same 3 answers from ALL of your staff, Congratulations! However, if you receive more than 3 answers, this may indicate the following symptoms:


It is important to know what your customers are thinking because a positive impression is a leading indicator of future business success. Fully engaged employees are necessary to have loyal customers. In addition to loyal customers and engaged employees there are other elements of your business.

Above all you should be getting an extraordinarily strong response from employees and customers to the following question:

How likely are you to recommend this company to your friends?

 Why not begin a real DIALOG with your customers and employees?

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