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People can get frozen in place and can’t move forward. Sometimes they need the equivalent of a can of WD-40 to get unstuck. Has this happened to you? If you ever wondered why you feel this paralysis think back over what you did today. What did you do in the first few hours after you got up? Was it similar to what you did when you got up yesterday, and the day before and so forth? There is truth to the expression that “we are creatures of habit”.   Our habits have a lot to do with why we get stuck.

Habits can be good but they can also be harmful. A bad habit can cause us to continue to do things that are non-productive. For example, you might have a habit of taking the easier option, doing something that doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone. That could be spending time reading and answering emails first thing in the morning when there are more important things you should be doing such as making telephone calls. That comfort zone exists for us because we are deriving satisfaction from our current habits. You need to continually evaluate the effectiveness of your habits and eliminate the ones that are preventing you from achieving your goal.   Doing emails is routine and it should not be your primary focus first thing in the morning.

It will take effort and persistence to change your routine habits because you must reaffirm your commitment to change and take action. That won’t be comfortable because the pleasure you derive from your old habit will get in the way. The mind is interesting; you won’t be able to pull out the old habit without replacing it with a new and perhaps better alternative. You can’t just pull the old habit out and leave a “VOID” there. So it takes effort to recognize and come up with a suitable and better alternative. When you move out of your old comfort zone you will need to create a new comfort zone. Failure to do that will result in continual stress and that will pull you back into you old habit.

Here is where I would like to make a distinction between goal setting and goal achievement. You may set a goal and also write it down. In addition to writing down your goal, the goal must be yours and the desire to achieve the goal must be strong. WHY do you want to achieve the goal? The WHAT will not matter unless you know your WHY. For example, you know you should be making calls and prospecting but it is not comfortable. But you visualize the reward that more sales will bring, a better lifestyle, a vacation, more peace of mind. When you know the why you will create a new comfort zone.

Transform Fear into Action

Then divide your goals into small action steps. You can’t eat an elephant in one sitting. Action steps are relatively simple tasks—a telephone call, an appointment set, a letter written. These relatively simple tasks add up to the accomplishment of something more significant—the achievement of your goal.


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Monday, 15 April 2024

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