Every now and then I ask the question, “How many people work at your company?” It is only about one third replied one executive. While that was meant to be a wise crack, the Gallup organization learned that the statement is accurate.

Here is why you should be concerned. The best way to illustrate the cost employee disengagement is with this story.

I recently did a similar survey for an organization. This organization provides onsite catering and event services. Their requirements for success are a providing good service, great food, consistency, and a great guest experience. The ownership was struggling to get more business but having a hard time providing good service to existing customers. Here is why.

For starters, owners disagreed on the operation of the business. Because of this, some key employees chose to align with one owner over the other. The managers complained about lack of leadership and direction. One manager was very hard on her staff and had no tolerance with people of different capabilities. You could read the lack of tolerance in her face. One owner knew of this manager’s difficulties with her staff but was afraid to confront her. He complained that it would be difficult to replace her because he felt that it was difficult to recruit and hire in his geographic area. No. It was the reputation created by the entire leadership team was suppressing applicants and potential customers alike. This example shows how employee disengagement will torpedo the success of the business.

The concept of change is never easy to accept. These owners were defensive and made excuses. Pride, however, will not result in a profitable outcome. Embracing change will begin the process improvement. Here recommendation that I made:

o          Leadership objectives

o          Overall direction

o          Customer Focus

o          Measurement

o          Focus on staff

o          Getting things done without hassle

o          Definition of goal and desired results


When it becomes a habit then focused owners will empower engaged and focused leaders empowering an engaged staff serving loyal customers.

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