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Are you having trouble with getting rid of some of those bad habits? You have tried but you have not succeeded.  You would like to create some positive habits.    A person who has positive work habits, for example, will be much more likely to succeed than a person with negative work habits. In fact, habits have everything to do with our success or failure.

That bad habit can cause us to continue to do things that are non-productive or destructive.  For example, you might have a habit of laying back and taking it easy.  This could place you in panic mode when you are up against a deadline.  This could cause you to fail to meet the deadline or fail to achieve good results.  All of this is the result of living in a comfort zone.  That comfort zone exists for us because we are deriving satisfaction for our current habits.  As an example, many people have trouble sticking to a diet because it is more comfortable to eat extra “comfort food”.  Telling someone the effect of overeating such as diabetes or high blood pressure would not be the motivation someone needs to break that habit.  The reward of comfort is stronger than simply lecturing about health.

On the other hand, ask, “What would it be like if you were much thinner?”  “Well, I could buy some stylish new clothes and bathing suits.  I would have more energy. I would feel more confident.”  There are some great motivational rewards here.  But which is the stronger pleasure now?  That is the motivation for the habit change.  The mind is interesting that way.  You won’t be able to pull out the old habit without replacing it with a new and perhaps better alternative. You can’t just pull the old habit out and leave a “VOID” there. It takes effort to recognize and come up with a suitable and better alternative.  When you move out of your old comfort zone you will need to create a new comfort zone.  Failure to do that will result in continual stress and that will pull you back into your old habit. 

Here is the reason why goal setting does not result in goal achievement.  People may set goals and they may even write them down.  But sometimes nothing happens.  This is because they fail to break old habits and act because the reward was not sufficient to break the old harmful habit and credit a new one?  Make sure that the reward motivates!

Become Successful 

Finally, divide your goals into bite size action steps.  You can’t eat an elephant in one sitting.  Action steps are relatively simple tasks—a sustainable diet, exercise, a telephone call, an appointment set, a letter written.  These relatively simple tasks add up to the accomplishment of something more significant.  That will be the achievement of your long-term goal. 

Could you benefit from having a coach to help you replace those bad habits with productive ones?

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Saturday, 27 November 2021

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