What do you think about when you hear, “I’m Loving It.” Or what do you think when you hear, “Just do it.” You probably said McDonalds and Nike. Why are you able to recall this so quickly? Over a period of time you have heard commercials on TV and radio that continually mention the taglines of McDonalds and Nike. You did not intend to learn this tagline but the advertiser’s use of spaced repetition planted it in your mind.

How did you learn your multiplication tables when you were young? Or how did you memorize that poem when you were in grade school? That was also spaced repetition.

Spaced repetition is the most effective and powerful way we learn. So how are you incorporating spaced repetition into your learning process, and what about your process with other staff or junior associates? Are you responsible for teaching some other staff how to perform certain tasks? How can you use repetition to make it effective? The research says that someone needs 5 or 6 repeated exposures to information to start retaining it for any long-term duration.

On the other hand if you hear a great speech or attend a dynamic training session you may be inspired at the time but statistics show that you will have only retained 50% after 24 hours and only 2% after 16 days. Having knowledge of this information we can effectively increase our own retention of what we learn, what we help others learn, and above all, keep ourselves top of mind in our customer’s mind.

The next time you have to study for your profession, read a book, or prepare for an exam space your learning. Go over the content each day for six days rather than cramming and reading the information at once. If you want to retain information from a good business book, for example, buy the book on CD and listen to each CD at least 6 times as you are driving.

Give those you teach the opportunity to learn, practice and repeat over a period of 6 days. Continuous reinforcement through spaced repetition will insure retention and help you create positive habits.


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How are you building memorable relationships with your customers? Think again about Nike and McDonalds. Do people know you and your brand? How do you engage them so that they will instantly think of you? The point is that people do not remember you by seeing you once. The same is true with social media. You need a strategy to engage them with good information and that strategy should be consistent spaced repetition.

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