Sometimes we look for things to improve and are disappointed when we see no change. It is almost as if we are waiting for something to happen. But there are some of us who know that if we want something to happen we must be the ones to make it happen.

Those of us who are waiting for things to happen have a much different approach to going on vacation. Many of us spend a considerable amount of time and effort planning a vacation. We will figure out exactly where we want to go and what type of things we want to do while we are there. We’ll make reservations, schedule appointments, and prepare a list of all of the appropriate things we need to pack. This planning is usually very detailed, somewhat tedious, and time consuming. But, because we want the trip to be hassle free we will plan these occasional trips right down to the very last detail.

When you think about your life, your daily journey, how well do you plan and organize it? Your life’s journey is the MOST important trip you will ever take. Why is it that we spend so little time planning our lives? Many of us have little or no idea where we are going!

There a personal rewards and benefits to setting goals and achieving them. Some include:

Your goals should be written down. Writing down your goals forces you to clarify your thoughts. If you cannot express your goal clearly and succinctly in writing, you will probably need to revisit the goal to make sure that you are focusing on what you really want to accomplish. Reviewing your written goals serves as a constant and visual reminder of your objectives, which helps you to stay focused and motivated in the midst of competing demands, interruptions, and setbacks. Written goals have permanence that promote accurate, sustained action.


“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”            – Diana Scharf Hunt

You must develop habits to work each day toward achievement. As you begin to see the benefits of your actions you will receive the positive reinforcement to continue to move forward.

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