Have you wondered whether you would benefit by having a coach? Here is some information on what coaching is and what it is not. Is it right for you?

Coaching relationships vary considerably. There are life coaches, sports coaches, health coaches, business coaches, and so forth. Here is some information on the nature of coaching, its benefits, and how it varies from other type of consulting.

Sometimes people confuse coaches with traditional consultants. They might ask a coach for advice. However, a coach’s role is not to provide answers or solutions. Instead a coach helps the client develop their own potential. If you have ever been motivated to act or energized by way of conversations you have experienced the effects of coach.

Here is an example. If a child asks you how to spell a word you could provide the child with the correct spelling. That would be the consultant approach. On the other hand if you help the child learn by sounding out each syllable you are using the coaching approach.

The coach helps you chart your course and reach your destination. With a coach you have someone in your corner who is totally committed to your success. Your coach encourages the powerful part of you, sees how big you can be, and constantly holds up that big image for you even when you can’t hold it up for yourself.

Imagine a relationship that places the total focus on you. A relationship with someone who helps you clarify your dreams, aspirations, passions, and values. Someone who helps you celebrate your victories and learn from your setbacks as you press on toward achieving your goals together.

Consider the benefits of having regular conversations with a skilled, trained professional who really listens to you and not just your words but to your emotions, your energy, and even the spaces between your words. A coach is a professional who provides a ‘safe’ place for you to move beyond superficial, inhibited, self-limiting conversations, so you have the confidence to express doubts and even fears. A coach is someone who helps you gain the tools and strength you need to defeat the attitudes and behaviors that have sabotaged your past success and created stress in your life.

Imagine having a trustworthy, confidential relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth, the truth about where you are strong, and where you sell yourself short. Someone who knows your values and your life purpose, and will help you hold yourself true to them. Someone who will accept everything you communicate without judgment, always seeking to draw out the very best in you.businesscoach

Who can benefit from a coach? The answer is anyone going through any change.

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