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Consultative SalesThe field of sales has experienced some dramatic and far-reaching changes over recent years. Today’s sales professionals, as well as today’s buyers are better educated, more informed and have more options than ever before. These changes have created new, exciting and challenging possibilities in every organization. Success requires innovative ideas and finely-developed skills.

Whether you are selling a product or service, whether you represent a well-known, established company or a new start-up; one fact remains clear: it is unlikely that you will maintain a competitive advantage unless you discontinue doing things the way you have always done them.

Success in the world of sales depends on your ability to reinvent yourself and your processes and apply them for improved results consistent to your customer’s needs.

Sales development is significantly different from sales training. In sales training, knowledge is transferred from one person to another. When sales development occurs, knowledge is internalized, creating a behavioral change that leads to the expression of positive, results-oriented skills. The approach we use leverages the natural talent of the sales staff or business development person as well as develops the attitudes, skills, and habits needed for solid, sustainable selling performance.

We combine skills building with a personal development and goal setting process to motivate even the most seasoned sales person.

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I took Grant’s Time Strategies/Time Management process. Grant and his process helped me put things in order and prioritize what was important. I have seen significant improvement in my personal and work life. I managed to make some major changes in my life and open a new office. I have learned to delegate to others so that I can concentrate on what is really important. ~Susan Riordan